i understand some are

curious about me?

I spend a lot of my free time at my computer, I just love creating and learn new things. Hubby thinks I spend too much time at my computer :-) but sitting here, snow and cold outside, with a warm cat in my lap and sipping on a hot cup of the and  listening to a audio book while creating, that is what I enjoy.

I try to have my own style and I´m a perfectionist, I would never give away or try to sell something that I don't find beautiful or interesting, so everything I offers here is my personal taste and you can be sure I really enjoyed making it.

I used to make desktop themes and screensavers but I don't find it fun to do anymore so I have now stopped making them. I sometimes make a wallpaper if I find the time, that is still fun and something I enjoy doing. I do believe it must be fun creating

Now I mostly makes 2d textures such as seamless tiles, decorations, buttons that can be used as a merchant resource or for scrapbooking. I love that, it's very fun and I can use my whole creativity when creating and I try to make everything look realistic

3D modeling is the latest I´m trying to learn, it's so fun and I love it. I use Cinema4D when modeling and since I have made many hair textures and love that, it wasn't that hard to decide what to learn first. I have my first Hair Zaxe Hair available over at Rosity, I also like making jewels.

What I love the most with creating is that others like what I do and use my work to create beautiful art or make beautiful clothes or just decorates their desktop. Thank you for all kind words I received!